YONEKURA Seiichiro

Professor, YONEKURA Seiichiro (Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, Japan).

Professor YONEKURA, born in Japan, is renowned as business think tank globally. He achieved Ph.D in ‘History of Business’ from Harvard University. In his career, he has served as ‘Core Faculty of Global Leadership Program’ (An Executive Program for Action Learning), University of Michigan, Professor of Hitotsubashi University, Japan, ‘Dean of Center, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, and Co-president of Institute of Strategy, Sony Corporation.

As his socio-economic work, he also served as Councilor in Business History Society of Japan, The Academic Association for Organizational Science, and as Director, Japan Academy of International Business Studies, The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs and International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society, Japanese Representative to the Board of Managers.

Currently he is undertaking research from an historical vantage point on a comparative business history from the Industrial Revolution to the present, and on the best ways to pursue innovation under Japan’s non-nuclear, low-carbon society strategy.

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